39 Stunning Gallery Wall Ideas To Try

From here, the number of pictures or photographs that we want to use depends a lot on our needs and tastes, in the same way, the choice of the composition is totally personal. It is not the same to put everything ordered in a sequence of tables of the same size and that have correlation with each other, that to decide to make a disordered composition with pictures that have nothing in common. In the first case it is simple, you just have to choose paintings or photos that together make sense and put them in a straight line or grid.

Every home has one. A big empty wall that you just cant seem to find a solution for. An awkward corner, a vaulted ceiling, or a staircase can be REALLY challenging to decorate. Gallery walls are a perfect solution for all of these awkward spaces. With a gallery wall, you become the designer and art curator. A beautiful mash up of all your favorite photos displayed in perfect arrangement for your space. If you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed with your new title “Art Curator” check out these awesome gallery walls to inspire you!