45 beautiful lamp designs

In the past, in the home decoration, I did not pay much attention to the decorative effect of the lights. They were all one house, one lamp or one room, and the light was monotonous and only played the role of general lighting. Nowadays, the home decoration pays more attention to the lighting design. In addition to the general lighting, it mainly uses the decoration of the lamps, and uses the lighting to beautify the living room space to optimize the warm family life. To this end, home lighting should be based on the overall space for artistic conception to determine the layout of the lighting, the type of light source, the style of the light and the way of light distribution, through careful design, so that the home lighting to make the living room clear, bedroom quiet, study Targeting, embellishment, etc., create the effect of engraving space.

People are accustomed to having a “main body lamp” for lighting in a room, mostly with a chandelier or ceiling lamp installed in the center of the room. In addition, wall lights, table lamps, floor lamps, etc. are provided as “auxiliary lights” for local or auxiliary lighting.

The so-called “main body lamp” and “auxiliary lamp” are relatively speaking, and under certain conditions, the function will also be replaced. For example, if the height of the room is less than 2.5 meters and the area is not large, it is not suitable to set up lights on multiple floors. It is especially inappropriate to set up large chandeliers. The use of one or two beautiful wall lights can play the role of general lighting and decoration. In the evening, study and work are accompanied by table lamps. The lampshade is made of translucent plastic. The upper diffused light can also meet the needs of lighting.
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