42 Outstanding Small Side Table Ideas

A side table can massively elevate a room’s function and comfort, but we know all too well how easy it is for them to fall leeway to bad style or non-existence in smaller spaces. Yes, tiny homes and tight quarters call for careful curation, but you shouldn’t have to nix such an important piece of furniture and you certainly shouldn’t have to forgo the style one can bring! The good news is that you don’t need much space to add in that much-needed table. From modern storage helpers to mountable bedside tables, you will find that there is a side table for every home.

Whether you need to fill an open space, hide something unsightly, or incorporate extra storage and surface space to a room, an end table will come in handy. You’ll find that they’re most useful in the living room, but can easily adapt to any number of uses around the house, and many of them are versatile enough to go with any style of furniture and decor.

Sure, size matters and this often makes us overlook the little things like, for example, when we’re furnishing a space we tend to focus mostly on the big furniture pieces leaving that small bedside table or that ottoman for later. Then the time comes to think of these things and to add the finishing touches to the decor. It’s often the small details that have the biggest impact on the ambiance and decor of a space. As it turns out, that side table or those curtains you neglected to pick in the first place make a huge difference in the overall design.